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Jack M. Millman BBA, CJF, Dip.WCF

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Educator - Lecturer - Consultant

This is a pony shown before during
and after the trim.

The pony is ready to be trimmed
after eight weeks.

The hoofs are long, the heels are
run forward.

The hind feet are very long and
ready to be trimmed.

The hoof before I started to trim.
Note the heels are high and the
toe is long.

I have trimmed 1/2 of the hoof to
show how to bring the heels to
the appropriate length and
reduced the toe length.

The foot is trimmed and level.

The foot is now properly under
the leg.

Providing care For the Horses You Love

My services are available to all horse care givers... Owners, Farriers, Veterinarians and Trainers. 

Working together with other health care professionals I will offer my knowledge and experience gained over fourty years to find the best available options for caring for your horse. 

My consultation and Lecture Services are a part of the ongoing educational process.

We all learn from observing ourselves, our peers, those in related professions and most importantly the Horse. 


Jack Millman Farrier Service
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